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segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

"I see the world through you"

You don't understand me now,
I wonder if you ever will,
I wonder if you'll ever try.
Don't get sad about,
All the strange thing I wrote,
They faded as the ink dried…
So I say go, go, hold your fists high,
Grow, slow, stand in for the fight,
Though I hope you never have to.
So I say run, run, sparkling light,
Have your fun and then come home at night,
I'm sure you'll tell me something new,
Yeah I can see the world through you.
Frozen lakes and night storms,
Most you'll cross on your own,
You'll face the biggest landslides.
I'll catch you on the hardest falls,
I'll carry you inside this walls,
We'll sing through all the highest times.